I’m a Millennial and I Don’t Understand My Peers — Not Even a Little Bit
Ryan Holiday

I felt this way until I got to know my parents generation, and now I understand many of my generation’s deepest flaws to be a pendulum swing away from their parents’ bullshit.

Our parents never enjoyed their lives, and they spent so much time convincing themselves they did that they literally can’t tell truth from fiction in their middle-to-old age.

Much of our generation — or at least the small subset you deal with in New York — doesn’t know what they want. They just know they don’t want to live meaningless lives clocking in a clocking out… like their parents.

Pendulum swings never end well, but what they are swinging away from is little better.

Hopefully with each generation swing, we get a little closer to something reasonably healthy in the middle… something where people understand they can live intentionally and infer their own meaning onto life.