Hiring Movers VS. Moving Yourself

When can we execute the move ourselves, and when should we rely on professionals? Between packing, coordinating, cleaning, and physically moving your life from one location to another, this no doubt depends on the amount of baggage you have upon your shoulders.

Why Should I Hire a Moving Company?

A moving company specializes in the moving process from start to finish. Trained professionals plan, measure, pack, store, load, securely transport, unload and estimate the whole duration so you don’t waste time.

Hiring a moving company is recommended if you have a too much stuff to transport, if you have special items that need extra care (like a piano, or fragile antique furniture), or if you need a better time management. Another good part is that all reliable moving companies are able to offer you customized services for your financial convenience.

So, what’s the difference between hiring movers and moving yourself?

Moving Yourself VS Hiring Movers

To take this important decision for your particular case, you have to ask a few questions and draw the conclusion for yourself:

How much stuff do you have?

You can easily just hire a truck, have a friend lend you a hand with loading and unloading, and all is well with the world. Unless… you have a three story building with a lot of furniture. Friends are helpful only that much, especially if you’re paying them with a beer at the end of the day.

Can you do the packing yourself? Kits with packing supplies can be found easily online and in stores. You can also get them for free at certain places. And even if you haven’t spent much time learning how to pack like a pro, you can easily learn as you go. But, if you have too many items, this will take a lot of time. You can’t spare that, professionals can do both the packing and moving for you.

Do you have special items? This is the really tricky part. Special items can be just about anything that cannot be put in your handbag. Antique and fragile items that need extra care, these are the items that need insurance. And even if you only use the movers for transportation, they cannot give this insurance, unless they packed the items themselves. Not to mention musical instruments. If you have an upright or a grand piano, it’s highly recommended that you use professionals.

How far are you going? If you decided to hire movers, they will most probably charge you by the hour. So, even if you hired only a man and van service, you will get charged mostly for the time spent on the road. There is also the factor of traffic jams. And, if you’re moving over the country border, there will be additional delays on the customs.

Do you have helpers? Friends are essential, you need at least one to hold the furniture on the other side. And this friend better not have back problems.

There are pros and cons to both situations and which one you choose should depend on the answers of these questions, as well as the pros and cons that come out from them.

Pros to Hiring Movers

  • They’re professionals and they’ll do all the work;
  • They have all the right tools and vehicles for the job, and know what to do during accidents;
  • You can arrange and customise the whole day;
  • You’ll get a discount if you book moving + packing;
  • All your items will be insured;
  • They know how to handle odd items;
  • You save time during moving day;
  • Less stress;
  • You don’t have to treat them for the job, unlike friends and family or return any favours.

Cons to Hiring Movers

  • You pay a stable price for the services;
  • If you’re not careful, you might get into a scam;
  • They might be legal and still not offer insurance, you have to look into their benefits very carefully.

Pros to DIY

  • Renting a van costs a lot less than moving services;
  • Your items won’t be handled by strangers;
  • You can customize all you want without asking anyone;
  • Your friends and family can help you and will be fun.

Cons to DIY

  • You’re not a pro and might break something;
  • Your helpers might call in the last minute to tell you they’re not coming;
  • Moving day will take the whole day;
  • It’s basically more stress.

Both are very different options for the same result, so all that’s left is for you to choose which one is up your ally. A commitment to professionalism or a personal obligation? Should I hire movers or do it myself? The choice is yours.

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