Ecommerce Choices

So we’ve got a lot of Choices right now when it comes to our online businesses. We can attempt to pay a developer to build what we need, We can search the entire internet for months sorting through different products and projects while we can learn to develop the code ourselves or We can just use some of the more mainstream online product sales venues and cut our losses on transaction fees and lack of control . Those are just a few of the options we have right now to offer our goods for sale. Another problem we seem to face is how to actually manage our businesses as a whole. The role of many online sales venues and shopping cart applications is to allow merchants to offer their products but most do not include the functions necessary for keeping track of companies finances. Now building a simple website is just that, even adding a shopping cart and database is not too hard; start adding blogs, forums, email, dns, https, security and a decent erp/crm and you have a completely different story. There is some good news though, the projects we need exist and they serendipitously can be connected to make beautiful music together. It’s still a choice however on how you want the project to appear and function to the users and admin. Everything can be self contained in the project as different applications built on a framework or you can connect to the various API’s of different services and query data from outside sources. So the dilemma is really, do you really want these third parties to have control over your data and content? One of the main reasons I’ve personally avoided some of the bigger players in E-commerce is because they essentially own the data being transmitted between your customers, you and the bank. Unless you can see and read the data first hand it’s almost impossible to immediately know if the services subtracted percentage/fees are correct or even if certain transactions are correct and valid before you ship merchandise. So maybe giving third parties rights to my content isn’t the best idea. How about the hardware? Should I host all the content myself with my own servers? Should I use a dedicated server, a cloud vps, ddns, saas? How should I develop this project; git, locally, directly to production environment? Choices abound and it’s up to us to build the next Open Source E-commerce platform that answers the needs of every business owner. We reached an apex in technology where there are enough pieces to put together to create an amazing system of applications to address the needs of business owners and even average users who desperately need access to content management, resource planning, financial management and e-commerce. I am working hard to build this system and I have several projects in mind as various frameworks for the applications. This is primarily a Python based project. If you have any ideas or interest for this project please leave a comment or send me a message!