What is Good Writing

What does one think of when they think of good writing? Although most would adopt the, “there is no right or wrong way,” idea when it comes to writing. However, even if there isn’t a right or wrong way to write, what are good traits to have in a writing piece that will make it better than another?

To start, having a good idea in what you’re writing is a good trait to have. You want to catch your audience’s attention and then keep that attention as well. Having a good, core idea for your piece that remains the, “heart,” of the piece will help your piece show how good it is.

Second, having concise organization of your piece, as well as certain word choice, and correct grammar all go together in making your piece flow better. It also helps your piece come across in the most mature and professional manner that impresses, as well as makes the piece easier for your audience to read when it flows in a pr0fessional way.

Lastly, and most importantly, making a piece your own; using your voice. Voice is how the writing feels to someone when they read it. Is it formal or casual? Is it friendly and inviting or reserved and standoffish? Voice is the expression of the writer’s personality through words. It is making the piece your own with your own style of writing and writing it the same way, or similar way, that you would say it if discussing with someone in person.

Writing styles are different from person to person. Although there are good traits to add to your style of writing, or the pieces that you write, that could make your writing good or bad, overall, it is anyone’s guess what EXACTLY is good or bad. Following some guidelines is good, but making it your own, to me, is the most important way to make a writing piece really good.