It’s common to get confused when you are presented with too many instrument choices. Here are 7 top acoustic guitars to watch out for.

1. FENDER CD-60:

The Fender CD — 60, even with new strings holds its tune very well. It comes with a nice sunburst finish and offers a bright ringing tone along with a deep bass. The paint on the guitar is also very good with no cracks or chips and comes with a good quality case made of leather. You can find an ample compartment space which is ideal to store all extra stuffs like fret board oil, string cleaners, fingernail clippers etc.


The Taylor Big Baby BBT is the most resonant and warmest acoustic guitar currently available. With great volume, tone and clarity, the sound is as good as any of the high ended guitars. The laser etched rosette and the rich ebony fretboard are some of the underestimated features of this mid ranged guitar from Taylor and the laminated sides and back ensures better protection of the guitar against natural factors like humidity. It comes in a compact and small size design that makes it easy for traveling. The unit comes with the Gig Bag which makes it easier for carrying.

3.GRETSCH G9220:

The perfect woody sound of the Gretsch G9220 makes this guitar a class apart. The bobtail is placed in the middle and the unit comes with D’addario strings. This guitar definitely sounds better than most of its mid-range contenders. The amplified tone is beautiful and acoustic, thanks to the Fishman pickup. The all laminated body is highly resistant against environmental factors like humidity or heat. Keep in mind that it comes without any carrying case, making you spend a little bit extra to protect the instrument when traveling.


Apart from the classic Martin tone that the DRS2 has to offer, the rock solid strata bond neck makes the guitar highly durable and playing becomes a comfortable affair.

This model is ideal for musicians who want some great sound but cannot afford the higher end models. The DRS2 comes with a hard shell case to protect the guitar, making it safe to carry while traveling. There’s really no reason for concerns, if you are looking for the right tone and sound, you can be certain that the DRS2 will deliver.


This guitar comes with an excellent build quality with solid cedar top and maple back and sides, both laminated to protect the guitar from heat and humidity. Its shiny black finish takes its aesthetics to high professional level. Getting access to upper altitude solos becomes an easy task with its cutaway body style. It is packed with a CT 4B II electronics giving it a warm and natural acoustic tone even at high sound pressure levels. As you can expect from this high end model, it comes with a hard shell case which makes it really convenient to travel.

6.MARTIN 000–15M:

This high end model has a beautiful design by Martin. The 000 14-fret body size rests easily on the player’s arms making it comfortable to play. The guitar looks right out from the pages of history book, thanks to the mahogany appearance. The sound that this acoustic guitar produces is simply outstanding. A good thing to notice is compatibility for left-handed guitarists. Once again, as you can expect, this model comes with a high quality case for easy carrying.


We could fit this guitar even on the overhead cabinets of an airplane, such is the compactness and size of this piece. Plays just like a regular full sized guitar but looks compact with a really unique design.
 Whether you play it plugged or unplugged, this little beast will always sound wonderful. This model weights less than 10 pounds which makes it super easy to carry around. If you are looking for a travel size guitar that would play just like the bigger models, then it is time for you to try the Composite Acoustics guitar, it’s certainly one of the best acoustic guitars out there. This guitar comes with a gig bag which makes it really easy for carrying.

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