If you do not choose the right guitar, you are likely going to abandon your dreams even before they start, many beginners have been misguided and have bought the wrong guitar. You must choose the guitar that matches the music you listen to.

You can start by choosing your from these three great families of guitars:

1. Classical guitars

2. Acoustic guitars

3. Electric guitars

The Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is the oldest guitar. It is also sometimes called dry guitar, just like the acoustic guitar. A dry guitar is just a guitar that has no electrical amplification.

Why choose a classical guitar?

You should choose a classical guitar if you mainly like classical or Hispanic music and this is what you want to play. Never choose a classical guitar if you like other styles of music or you want to play chords and solos.

The Acoustic guitar

It has several names: folk guitar, acoustic guitar, dry guitar, electro-acoustic guitar, but in reality, they are all the same guitars. The only difference is that the electro-acoustic guitar can be plugged into an amp while others are not equipped with this system.

Sometimes this guitar scares the beginner because the strings are made of steel and they have the reputation of hurting the fingers. This is not entirely false, at least initially but all the guitars will do that to you. It takes between 3 and 6 weeks of regular practice to make this small layer of hard skin on the fingers (this is called also the wedge). Once you have it, your fingers will be harder (the skin of the fingers actually) and it will not hurt anymore.

Why choose an acoustic guitar?

You must choose an acoustic guitar if you mainly like folk music, pop or you want to play chords. If you want to be able to play everywhere, just with your guitar, by the fireplace, on the beach, outdoors, in the street, anywhere then go for an acoustic guitar. For the solos, you must know that the strings of the acoustic guitar are quite tense and it takes a lot of strength to do the bends (technique characteristic of the solos which consists of pulling a string to change the note).

The electric guitar

This is the guitar of all Rockers. You will recognize it very easily because:

An electric guitar has no sound box (except the jazz guitar) and so will need an amp to play it. Besides the fact that it is silent without amp, its strings are also more flexible than on an acoustic guitar. It will make you hurt less with your fingers and you will have more ease to play chords and melodies.

Why choose an electric guitar?

You must choose an electric guitar if you like mainly Rock or Blues and their derivatives (Metal, Hard Rock and Punk). Or you want to use effects or an amp.

You should not choose an electric guitar if you do not like Rock or Blues or you like to always play the guitar on the beach, by the fireplace, without having to carry an amp and other electronic accessories. To use this kind of guitar to its full potential, you will need a cable to connect your guitar to the amp.

In conclusion, the best guitar to recommend for a beginner is the Acoustic guitar.

The only exception is if you want to play the classic (take a classical guitar) or if you love rock and solos (take an electric guitar). Again, I advise you to start with the guitar that goes best with your style of music and the one that makes you vibrate. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise.