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How time-tripping across religious tradition can help heal a fractured society

Picture the type of person you think represents society’s worst enemy today. Is it a Wall Street hedge fund manager? Proud Boy Q-Anon follower? Third-world refugee? A communist? Then fast-forward a few generations to the end of this century and picture your descendants falling in love and getting married to the great-grandchildren of your envisioned worst enemy. Are you rolling over in your proverbial future grave?

In the case of my husband and me, I’m sure our ancestors were rolling in their graves (and in their very separate cemeteries) based on our marrying “the enemy.” In fact, a mere 100…

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How demonstrating careful word choice can foster much-needed social change

I never shoot the breeze anymore, even in the middle of a casual conversation. You won’t see me sweating bullets under any circumstances. And nothing can trigger me, although it very well might set me off. Such careful word choice is my way of helping to mitigate the toxic and pervasive gun culture in the US. It’s a small but direct verbal stance toward cultivating a more peaceful world. Perhaps you can try adopting the practice too, because this country needs every bit of help it can get to confront the intolerable scourge of gun violence.

My approach to modify…

Fellow Portlander here, and totally agree with you re: the performative use of BLM signs and such. I also think if they help remind people of what they believe, maybe it will nudge them in the best direction of their actions.

I don't know what n'hood you live in, but almost everyone I see outside their house IS wearing a mask -- perhaps even when not needed (ie. when they're walking solo). So I just wanted to provide another view of Portland that does walk the walk to a greater degree.

Thanks for the article and the reminder of the importance to "do" quietly instead of shouting loudly but doing nothing. I guess we can't always know what others do privately, but my hope is that more is done than meets our eyes.

Thanks for this piece. I am familiar with A Course in Miracles, but have never been able to read too much of it precisely because the language was so nebulous and hard to get a grip on. I’m sure, given your lens, it’s worth staying attentive to in terms of a possible “cult-like” influence. Of course, the definition of cult you present had me curious about just how many things in our society could be an invisible cult of sorts -- and also worth staying attentive to. I wonder, could we say the same thing about Capitalism? …

As someone who did a sabbatical/year abroad with my family and wrote a book on how to create your own adventure (Let's Leave the Country!) I can attest that this is excellent advice. -- The finanical stuff can be anxiety provoking, but waiting for the perfect time with the "right amount of money" might mean you never leave home. So glad you made this happen for your family!

How the Power of Eight is teaching me that we have the ability to heal any situation

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I’ve always had a nagging sense that we humans hold far more power than we realize — yet we keep it out of reach, always just around the bend. For me, when things feel “off,” I can feel an inner genie ready to “blink” her way into better circumstances. But when my instinct moves to execute — *Poof* —she disappears. Last year, however, I discovered something that taps into the superpower aspect of us that seems long gone. And in the midst of so much unsteadiness in our country and our world, I’m excited to share an accessible practice that…

Four years later, the gift of rage keeps giving…

Washington D.C. Women’s March, 2017 (Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash)

One could say that America was born from rage and grows from rage. I learned that firsthand at the Women’s March four years ago, when my country was mired in a sea of outrage that reached across the globe. On January 21, 2017, nearly 100,000 people in my hometown of Portland, Oregon participated in one of the largest protests the city had ever seen on a single day. Despite the fury we held, no violence occurred. No arrests were made. …

Here’s a simple protocol to maximize healing that everyone should learn about

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Photo by pictus photography by Getty Images
Photo by pictus photography by Getty Images

Anyone with a looming surgery date knows the anxiety that lurks in the background. The what-ifs can be relentless, much as we try to swat them away with rational self-talk. But what if there was a simple protocol or method to get you through an upcoming medical procedure with less stress and greater ease? That was the case when my daughter had major surgery. Its efficacy surprised me, her doctors, and the several friends who’ve raved about this protocol since.

All you need are positive intention and an open mind.

My sister first told me about the Heal Faster method…

Let’s figure out a new way before the old way breaks us

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Every now and then my petulant 14-year-old daughter will extract herself from the latest viral TikTok video and declare her thoughts about a real-world issue. This week she surprised me by blurting out something that I suspect lurks deep in the minds of many Americans:

“Mom, I think we should get rid of political parties. We shouldn’t have Democrats or Republicans. All it does is keep everyone divided and nobody listens to each other.”

She went on: “If you are Republican or Democrat, then it seems like you have to believe or agree with everything they say. It’s stupid. …

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During the recent wildfires in Oregon, an intense windstorm knocked out our power for several hours. Three days of an orange sky cast an eerie pall over Portland, as wildfire smoke slowly seeped into our house. Though the rain eventually came, land- and mudslides will threaten the scorched terrain. All the while, we continue to ward off an earth-born virus.

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. In classic philosophies, the fifth element is Spirit or “Aether” — that which animates the life in and around us. …

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