Getting Your Gold : Confessions of an Instagram Infleuncer

Jacqueline Jax
Radio host , entertainment branding & marking specialist and music journalist for AVA Live Radio

When did you get started on social media?

I started years ago for my job. Since I work as a radio host, music journalist interviewing musicians and entertainment marketing specialist, I have to have very active social media pages. At first my pages were all used to connect with my clients and monitor the work but quickly they became a way to document my daily journey.

It’s really hard to keep from sharing what you do with people you know. It begins slowly by sharing simple things like a photo from an event with your friends and family. Then projects, food, and before you know it your daily activities become food for a very hungry social algorithm that ultimately judges your quality of life.

Sure, you can quickly get caught up in the social brag game but trust me, best stay away from playing that game. It’s not a friendly one and it can bite you if you don’t have a posting strategy from the start.

The reason why a strategy is a necessity is because you can very easily loose hours and even days of your precious life living on social media instead of keeping that balance of living in the real world.

How do you balance it all and keep moving forward?

I cultivate patience on my long term goals and consistency on the short term goals. This usually means I’m up late getting very little sleep when I fall short on a task but I’m doing this for myself so it feels well worth the effort. At the end of the day, you have to really love the connections and opportunities that social media brings to you to do this job. At first, it’s going to take a ton of effort with very little reward if you don’t love meeting new people. So get ready to settle in and be very active on your social media pages. They will only bring you good things.

What are you most thankful for?

I count my blessings every day and remind myself that I’m thankful for…

My Health
 My Family
 My Friendships

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, I was in a really bad place for years after I couldn’t make my marriage work. It made me very sad and the abuse had become so bad that it began to wear me down. As a result, I didn’t feel healthy.

My energy was really low and I didn’t feel like myself. At times I was depressed and unmotivated to do so many things that I loved to do. Sometimes when you find yourself giving in for the relationship, you realize that it’s a never ending pit that you have to crawl out of. The longer you allow it, the deeper the pit. That’s something I’ll never do again.

What dramatic changes have you made in 2018?

This has been a huge year for changes for me. I reworked everything from my diet to personal and work routines. Most of that happened because my Mom had a stroke and it was a very frightening wake up call. Looking after her I realized that my stress level was way too high and I wasn’t looking after myself. If I was going to look after her, I had to get myself well so we changed our diets together and I studied foods.

I watched every youtube video I could find. I consulted with friends who were fitness gurus and reached back to my days as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader to dig up some of my best diet and exercise habits.

First I focused on Yoga and diet so I could improve my bodies flexibility and eat my way to feeling better. Nothing went into my body that wasn’t natural, organic and low carb. All processed foods got tossed with the exception of Sprouted grain bread and Coconut Milk Creamer. I make everything else from stratch to control the salt and sugar levels. That’s made a huge difference really quickly in this journey.

Now I share my diet and fitness journey in my instagram stories so my friends can try the tips for themselves. I’ve also been doing cooking live streams on facebook and posting some videos to youtube about what I’m eating and how I prepare the food. I try to update my website with fresh links each week for everything that happening so always check in with me there. : : : :

It’s made my Mom and I feel so much better that I want everyone else to benefit from what I’ve learned and get inspired to improve their health as well.

What Projects are you most excited about in 2019?

There are so many but photography is one major task I’m tackling. As my body gets more fit, I’m tracking my progress with weekly photoshoots. Lots of brands are jumping on board since my social media pages are pretty amped up from all the extra pictures.

Currently I have around 40,000 people following my daily posts on my blog, social media pages and over 100,000 people on my personal mailing list. I’ve also hosted radio shows for AvA Live Radio for 10 years and they have millions of listeners a year. I’m lucky to have started developing a personal brand years ago so all these relationships are fairly strong and there’s a familiar aspect to my journey people have as they come and go from month to month. It’s always fun to see people checking in each day, even if I haven’t seen them in a while. I really love that part of this.

Another exciting project I started was my personal podcast “Impact”. It’s a daily check in podcast that adds a voice to my website. Typically I post inspirational words and stories on my site but it lacked that audible partner so I had this idea to start a personal podcast that I update directly from my phone. It’s meant to be like a phone conversation. Nothing polished or practiced. Just me at the end of the day checking in with the people I like to keep in touch with.

I have a few sponsors already on board for it and even though it’s still a really new project in its baby stage, I really love it. It’s nice to be able to just say what’s on my mind. It’s feeling more and more like a diary and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Other things I’ve been really enjoying are the live streams, stories and youtube videos I’m creating content for. Definitely come for a visit to see what’s happening. : : : :

What is your social media plan for 2019?

My social media pages are still at the baby stages as I’ve been mostly a radio host for years and typically used my social media pages to connect with industry friends.

Now everything is changing quickly. The pages are growing really fast and my engagement is what people are really paying attention to. Brands are asking me every day to start working with them and I’ve already signed several contacts for 2019 to do reviews for swimwear, Lingerie, clothing, accessories and tech.

They send me the items and I’m supposed to open them on live streams then just use them in my daily life. If I like the products or find them useful I can create content around them. So far, it’s been really fun. It’s like Christmas every day around my office.

What kind of challenges are you facing on your projects?

The challenge has been to set time aside to get everything done quickly. I still work full time as a radio show host for AVA Live Radio and that comes with a great deal of responsibility. That job is my priority and I love it so everything else at this point has to be worked into my already busy schedule.

Right now I set aside time on the weekends to open the packages and do the photoshoots. Most of the editing gets done in the evenings after my work day ends. Sometimes I am up really late getting things done, like this article for instance. lol . I set deadlines for myself and really try to stick to them.

What do you like most about what you do?

It’s a terrific way to meet talented people. I love that I get to help people who are working hard to make things happen for themselves. When an indie artist gets started, it’s confusing and a real struggle to get everything right. I’m able to use what I’ve learned along with my abilities to tell a great story to help impact peoples lives. It’s an amazing feeling and so rewarding.

What do you most hope to accomplish with your influence?

My hope is to show artists that come across my path a clearer road to making more of an impact with what they wish to do. Everyone has a unique skill in this art and once we discover it, nurture it and brand it, I can help introduce that to the world. That’s good karma coming back to me every day.

The modeling… that’s just fun and because I can. :)

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