Jax Daily News: Facebook Tests Influencer Marketing Platform

As Facebook’s latest advertisements promise a return to its roots as a platform meant to connect friends and family, the company’s aiming for a more “organic” approach to advertising — branded influencer posts.

A new tool, thus far called “Branded Content Matching” will be able to search for Facebook influencers whose audiences match with the brands’ target demographics.

The tool will include three features: Search will let brands look for influencers on the platform based on those influencers’ audience demographics, while Suggested Creators will look at users’ past searches to find additional influencers who fit that same demo. Lastly, Saved Lists will aggregate brands’ saved influencers and provide statistics like how many views their videos have gotten and which of their branded videos performed best.

so far about Facebook’s effort looks a lot like YouTube’s Famebit or Twitter’s Niche, two websites that bring influencers and brand together to collaborate on projects.

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