In short, Facebook is immortal, and it’s status is unrivalled in the social media world. Snapchat either has to accept the inevitable, or face fighting a losing battle.
Can Snapchat’s Founder kill Facebook?
Crypto Buzz

And that’s the real problem.

We are confronted here with a monopoly that should be limited by all anti-trust laws in the world and it is not.

Pretty soon it will be if nothing is done the ONLY dominant monopoly in social exchanges.

They can tell me as much as they want anyone is able to say and post anything: you know it is false.

First they can screen anything they want OUT.

Second the medium determines the content of the message and the way the message is received, hence the meaning of the message according to Marshall McLuhan and that has NEVER been proved wrong.

If you want to be read, heard, seen, listened to on ANY social medium you have to fit the model, the mold, the frame and this model is a ONE MODEL FITS ALL.

Those who do not fit the model are just pushed aside and not seen, heard, listened to, even simply considered.

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