Bill Clinton was quite an imperialist

Make peace not love


That is a typical film of 1997, the last couple of years of Yeltsin in Post-Soviet Russia. The war is raging in ex-Yugoslavia with two dimensions: the religious fight of the Muslims not to be eliminated physically and politically on one hand, and on the other the desire of each little section of this unified federation to become independent and to join the European Union as fast as possible. The only objective of the USA in this field, or in the whole world, is to get as much out of Russia as possible: for them this period is nothing but looting. And eventually to prevent a nuclear catastrophe, provided they can loot again as much nuclear weaponry from Russia as possible.

Yeltsin was dismantling the military apparatus and arsenal to please the Americans and to enable some hijackers, black-marketers, and disgruntled Soviet communists to get their vengeance as well as some profiteers to make some million dollars in a way or another. Simple isn’t it, Dr. Watson?

Yes, indeed. You will get slightly lost in the intricate meanders of the plot, if it is a plot. First some Russian general organizes the hijacking of some nuclear wars during their transfer from where they were to where they are supposed to be kept or destroyed. It has to look like an accident but it does not work like that to satellites who can see this was a plain criminal stealing action.

The nuclear heads are supposed to be transported to Iran, but one Serbian has infiltrated the whole gang to carry out his own objective: to steal the heart of one and bring it to Bosnia for it to go in the diplomatic bag, pouch or “suitcase” of a peacemaker, i.e. a negotiator of peace for Bosnia, to New York, to the United Nations and blow himself up with the nuclear bomb.

A gang of bullies

The Americans are of course supposed to prevent the nuclear heads from going to Iran, and then when they discover one has disappeared they manage to trace it and then run after it in New York. A very hectic chase. Luckily it does not last what it was supposed to last so that we can have a nice hectic chase that is after all the best part of this entertaining political fiction.

The film concerns very important questions like the lack of security in the world concerning nuclear weapons; the hectic crazy situation in Russia and the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall and then the dismantling of the USSR; the ambition of the USA to be the only super power in the world; the immunity with which the USA wants to be able to intervene anywhere without any authorization from anyone except themselves. The only ones who resist that ambition are the Russians who down one US Air Force helicopter who was illegally intervening in the Russian military zone. The very bad Russians, indeed. I guess if a Russian helicopter had gotten lost in Alaska it would have been received by the Governor of Alaskan and the State Secretary of the USA with a full red carpet rolled out, flowers and a band. And then of course for the USA all other discontented people are terrorists, even if they are tied up so tightly that they only have that terroristic path to let the world know they are subjugated, enslaved and menaced with pure and simple destruction.

So cite and yet such a shark

You can now read this film twenty years later exactly when the USA have gotten so involved in terrorist or anti-terrorist wars that they are in fact helpless; when the USA are no longer the only super power because China has completely changed the game and within just a few years the USA will be the second economic power in real terms (and it is already second in PPP terms); when the USA will not impress anyone anymore with their bullying and imperialistic show of power; when the main power in this world will be a commercial alliance of about 80 countries centered around Asia and particularly China and soon India, an alliance out of which the USA excluded themselves and out of which the participants are very reluctant, for some of them at least, to let the USA come in: on a flap seat maybe but not on the stage.

In other words, this film was pure propaganda for the USA as opposed to Russia, but it was nothing but the brilliant bragging of Bill Clinton who was trying to tie up the world under his own rule with the Internet managed by the Secretary of Commerce of the USA. Things have changed in twenty years and that bragging is no longer possible, even for Trump who can only moan and complain that he is the victim of a witch-hunt. The poor darling, my heart is really bleeding for him.


Six guns, that’s Solomon’s wisdom
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