We lost a competent, charismatic, highly intelligent Commander-in-Chief — and gained a yellow-haired, tormented bully who is not only woefully insecure, but also dangerously callous in his need to whip us with the knowledge that he doesn’t give a damn how much he fucks us over.
New York Magazine Joked About Donald Trump’s Ass, But What Really Sucks Is How Unfunny It Is
Ezinne Ukoha

Do you really think it is this type of delirious discourse that is going to build the vast majority alliance and movement that is going to stop this situation and bring us back to something decent and sane we have not had for so long?

We need to drop the flourish and the embellishment of rhetorical brilliance and go back to bringing people together on concrete complaints, material disagreements, real discontented realities that can be counted and cashed like the gold of unity we need to just put one foot in front of the other and maybe start walking.

When did we last see a vice-president at the head of a demonstration? In the present case it is a bigot demonstrating with bigots. But was Michelle Obama at the head of the demonstration of women? Or Hillary Clinton?

We are wasting time and losing ground by loosening our pens, or more realistically our finger tips on the keyboard.

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