Chapter 8: Give me Liberty, or Give Me Slumber (Honest Adolph Volume III) |
One Tongue Johnny

I am afraid of being tied up one day in a couple of beings and no beyond. Any vision that is dual is a trap for life. To live life one-on-one with oneself or a single other frightens me. “ I want to see you and your fellow liberals talking less about tolerance, and more about liberty. Freedom cannot be tolerant of unfreedom!” I and you. You being only a representative of an ideology. Tolerance versus liberty. Freedom versus tolerance. Freedom versus unfreedom. But where is the immense diverse multiple multifarious volatile contradictory evanescent impermanence and yet permanent in that impermanence itself, durable in that ever-changingness, sustainable in that absence of essence, soul, self due to the ever-changingness of life, the only sustainability in the fact that life brings death, life means death, and death means life, death brings life. What I will be tomorrow in the most transient possible absence of permanence will have so little to do with what I am right now in the most transient possible absence of permanence. No permanence just cyclical birth-life-death-rebirth-life-death-rebirth-ad-nauseam. I must have died ten times in just writing this paragraph. Every sentence negates the previous one and the next one even before it is uttered.

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