Left and right, fundamentally, have different views on human nature.

I guess Hitler was on the right and Stalin was o the left. Mao was in the center. But were was Ceaucescu? Merkel who is so pro-refugees (Germany needs to find at least two million extra workers in the next two years) must be on the left.

These two concepts are intellectual shortcuts that vary in structure as often and as deep as possible according to the circumstances in the surrounding environment of what you may be speaking of. I have heard mathematicians using them explaining that this approach is left and that approach is right in mathematics. René Thom has been seen as on the Marxist left since his catastrophe theory is comparable to Marx’s dialectics.

And I will not discuss it in linguistics. Chomsky is for many an extreme right linguists because of his innate black box universal grammar. For just as numerous others he is an extreme left ideologue because of his position on this or that international crisis.

How often have I heard people classify Stephen King on the right, and in the same breath some others classifying him on the left. These do the same with horror literature.

Left and right are a heritage from a long time ago that has nothing to do with anything really operational in modern economics, politics, sociology, psychology and all possible sciences.

The French Communists were strongly against any reference to innate qualities and Lyssenko in Russia went as far as negating DNA and chromosomes, and now with genes, genomes, DNA, and genetics undeniably there, like it or not, what can they do with their left-leaning anti-innate nature of human beings?

And are we on the right if we recognize genetics and what’s more genetic engineering?

Is the low road the lazy left and is the high road the robust right, and where is Buddha’s middle road?

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