Did you write this in response to my poem, or did you have it written already? I think it’s lovely!
John Horan

I wrote it as an answer to your poem. I am in next Tuesday for five days and a heavy schedule and I can tell you that the spirit of Paris will be not fear but constant disquietness (if I can use such a word): will the underground work? Will the streets be peaceful? Will I have to go around some violent demonstrations? How many gangs will be out here and there? How many cops and soldiers will be deployed? ETC. . . . I gave to that poem a title on Facebook: “Les Misérables revisited,” if you know the novel and partcularly the end during Paris upheaval.

I hope you did not take it as an attack on your poem. That’s how I feel about it, about Paris right now in the hands of the incompetent in teh government and the reckless maverick of the CGT. And for those five days my hotel is about three quarters of a mile from the main stadium of the European football cup. Good morning and good night Chaos.


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