Shame on May and Her Theresian Associates

A blind raccoon in a garbage can




They are white British trash from the past.

Tony Benn — Britain must Leave the EU to restore Democracy

It is very hard to hear someone who is old, who has been important, and he is ranting and raving on a subject he knows too well. At least he does not need notes. Sad. Give him a pill, as Putin says. I guess Zoloft will do.


These knew how to grab power, indeed.

Dennis Skinner: I will vote Leave because the EU will fail (Casual Politics)

That’s finished. The TUC have asked Corbyn to get rid of hard Brexit. May is dead since her government depends on ten MPs she has bought with hard currency bringing the Scots and the Welsh up in arms. Even the Queen was brandishing an EU flag on her head. And the money May gives to the Protestants in Northern Ireland is going to start the “problem” again. She is irresponsible. And you seem to forget that most members of our governments are NOT elected to anything. They are just appointed by a Prime Minister who was appointed too, unelected in France, though elected in GB or Germany. I am favorable to the dismantling of the “uncontrolled” commissioners, commissions and so on in Brussels, but the real bureaucracy is not those figure heads but the thousands of people under them who are plain “slaves” of the EU though they are the slave-owners of the people of the EU, including the commissioners and company. And that is going to get worse with Artificial Intelligence. These invisible bureaucrats are going to be replaced by AI machines. Look at the mess it can create when they are hacked like the NHS a few weeks ago. People can DIE because of this blind mechanical Artificial Dumbness. These machines are deaf and dumb and blind and insensitive. They are a mechanical version of the present bureaucrats who defend their privileges: salaries beyond 8,000 € net plus all the premiums, including a premium for the danger they are in when crossing a street or taking a train, the terrorist danger. I have known that in 1967–68 in Kinshasa. The premium was equal to my full net salary. Those Brits have the same in England: all administrations are just that: a collection of slave-owners who do what they want and the tower blocks OF THE POOR AND THE ETHNIC are clad with highly inflammable products, the gas pipes are unprotected, the fire doors are absent or unrepaired, the electrical networks, lines, outlets and everything are defective. All that stamped OK by some bureaucratic slave-owners. The regulations are from the EU? I doubt it, but if they are they are justified and it is mediocre middle-bureaucratic slave-owners who are deciding to forget about them and of course they have a kick back from the businesses that make an extra profit. We can see the result. Right now the Brits who are for leaving are gargling and gurgling all kinds of humdrum passé stale rotten arguments to make us forget the latest vote has rejected any hard Brexit and the present government already has the hangman’s rope around their neck(s) that they bought themselves for hard currency from the most conservative and reactionary party in the UK, the DUP. Is that democracy? To buy support in Parliament? Barbaric, barbarous monkeys bar-tending pub customers as if they were the publicans of the planet.


There might be a couple of seers in our generation after all.
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