There’s no more money to pay the writers. At least, not fairly.
Publishing is dead. This is why.
J. Westenberg

That’s just the point. Take Stephen King. Doe she make more money with his printed novels or with his TV miniseries or his TV and film adaptations of his printed novels, or with his audio-books? He sure makes a lot with his printed books, but that’s not his only income and novel writer is no longer only the writer of a printed and only printed book.

It is teh same thing with journalism. A journalist is no longer the old fashioned journalist we are dreaming of, and yet the journalist as a news searcher, a news digger;, a news writer will always exist. The problem is how will a professional journalist have an income? And from whom or what?

The public of social media are able to make the difference between a well written piece and a purely evanescent and styleless piece. What attracts is content and form. To have content you need to do the digging up and searching a journalist does, and to ,have form you need to have style, time and inspiration that some call know-how, though it is a lot more than that.

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