On the other hand, companies like Spotify have reached around 40% premium subscribers. It will be interesting to see where Medium falls in the spectrum of paid subscribers…but let’s hope for at least 41% ;)
Wow, It’s Official — The Subscription Model is Coming to Medium…
Dakota Shane

That’s the proof that Kevin Kelly is ranting and raving when he says the Internet is a free machine at no cost in The Inevitable, and he knows about it since he speaks of his subscriptions page 175. The Internet will only hold its promise to enable the progress of society, the emergence of quality and creativity if it sets a cost on the table.

But this becomes an upside down copyright: the authors, the creators having to pay to be creators instead of being able to live from their creative work. That won’t work because the best authors will prefer self-publishing themselves at Amazon or some other self-publishing platform that may bring in some income.

No one can go against this simple fact that in 1710 Queen Anne finally recognized that c reative activities are a PROFESSION and as such must bring in an income that enables these creators to go on creating as PROFESSIONALS.


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