it’s a Paris state of mind.
A Paris state of mind
John Horan

Thousands of soldiers scattered all over

Garbage piling up at street corners

Demonstrations everyday and everywhere

Bastille besieged

Republique occupied

Nation closed up drowned with crowds

Concorde abandoned to tourists

Hooligans and masked attackers

Break shopwindows

Loot supermarkets

Early closing day everyday

No business on Sunday

Running the daily entertainment

Away from the violence

Away from the disturbance

Let’s go to tourist land

Disneyland is not so far

And it’s protected indeed

Soldiers and Disney vigilantes

What’s left in this maelstrom

The famous gay Paris state of mind

And gay it is funny amusing laughable

To forget the dead and to remember the end

The famous gay Paris state of mind

Is being destroyed by incompetents

And blown up by the unions

And their parasitic sidekicks

Back to Concorde and the US embassy

No danger there just tourists

Are terrorists dressing like tourists?

Damn this is hot and awesome

Let’s send some thousands more soldiers

Of all sorts kinds and species to save

The famous gay Paris state of mind

That has nearly got overwhelmed and flooded

By the Seine and its dirty water.

Yes indeed let’s cultivate in ourselves

The famous gay Paris state of mind.

Jacques Coulardeau

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