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To be desired O! yes!

To be loved Even more O! yes!

To be wanted? No thank you!

Even in a store

You do not say

“I want potatoes!”

You should say

“I would like to meet you

“I would love to entertain you

“I would enjoy discovering your mind

“O! yes!”

Love is no possession

Love is no “I want!”

A child can say: “I want a toy”

A slave-owner can say “I want strong slaves”

Or “I want my slaves to be strong”

A lover should say

“May I love you

“In mind and in spirit

“In work and in leisure

“In life and in death

“In pleasure and in hardship?

“Your desires are commands to me

“Your will is a sacred book to me

“Your project is a road to a promised land to me”

Nothing divine in that

Nothing animal in that

Just human humane humanity.

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