Or a housing inspector who won’t check for a leaky roof unless he can skip the plumbing and wiring.
Donald Trump’s Buy One and Lose Two Regulation Deal Is Unconstitutional
Rhea Suh

Trump is more vicious than that.

There is a plumbing leak in the bathroom. He accuses the roof and he “accepts” to check the roof provided we confirm the plumbing and the electric wiring and the air conditioning are OK without checking them.

All evil in the USA are caused by

1- the Chinese who are stealing jobs (not multinationals who are outsourcing jobs: multinationals are going to be the tool to “in-source” these jobs back, easy indeed, isn’t it: Apple bringing the iPod back into the USA, ah ah ah );

2- The Mexicans who are invading the USA with illegal immigrants who are criminals, drug dealers and so on and on and on (of course not the rich people who employ these Mexicans, and other Latinos for a pittance to clean their toilets and scrub their ovens or even wipe their children’s asses, though the Blacks used to be more trustworthy as for that);

3- The Muslims who are infiltrating the USA to blow them (the USA) up, though it is quite obvious that terrorism in the USA comes from inside and from very standard American citizens. 9/11 is an exception, THE exception.

That’s nothing but scapegoating and that’s what Trump is doing all the time.

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