I’ve read reports about children who have problems with communication due to different reasons, from emotional to language blocks. It can be a challenge to spot such person and connect with him or her.
Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Stalemate, a Paradox, and a Promise
Emma Identity

You may have surprises if instead of just plain written assignments, you did get to an array of means of communicational relations: written essays or papers; one-on-ones; two or three debating students in class; systematic exposes and presentations; telephone one-on-ones; video conferences (these latter two within the “school” building, hence at no cost); in situ one-on-ones (in real life environment like a hallway in a university or a cafeteria or a bar, or wherever taht is not a classroom or an office; and the best is in situ telephone calls for students engaged in some professional schedule in a company that pays for or supports his or her studies: call the student on his professional phone in his professional environment: that’s very effective and it brings support from the colleagues.

We are far from having ever imagined and certainly not practiced all possibilities if we are creative.

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