“Single and…” #1 The Gym

So when I initially decided to join the gym I was actually still in a relationship, but looking back I realised that the break up was lurking in the shadows and as impending doom consumed me I needed an outlet to keep me busy… when TVs series fail, the gym will call!

Now that’s not to say that I didn’t work hard in the gym or enjoy what I was doing as I actually had a plan to gain weight and tone up, which made people make me feel like an intruder in the gym, but that is another blog for another day!

So anyway, justifications aside, a couple weeks after joining I found myself single. Well! At this point I am very familiar with my surroundings and suddenly I am a people watcher at the gym. As I came across other girls I wondered what their story was, I was very aware of the effort that they made and my lack of. I remember thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have put on my brothers shirt today, or, I could have at least ironed it (emoji eyes.) And, perhaps a lick of gloss wouldn’t have gone a miss, or my hair, maybe I should have pinned it to the side and what is up with this sappy playlist?”…so many thoughts and then “HELLO…YOUR ARE AT THE BLOODY GYM, FOCUS WOMAN”

But with great difficulty I tried to ignore the culture of the gym, all the helpful men assisting women in squatting with weights and the women who very strategically placed themselves in perfect squatting view of said men. Now please please please do not get me wrong, if theses are the ‘special weapons and tactics’ used today then I say let live and crack on but it did make me very cautious of my own interactions and maybe stubbornness as I thought that if I asked a guy for help with a piece of equipment that my puny arms couldn’t adjust (Oh yes…but I’ve already told you that’s a separate blog) then maybe my newly ‘single-dar’ would go off. All of a sudden my single status had made me vulnerable and followed me into what was supposed to be a new found haven of productive activity. I developed the single chick paranoia bug!

I implemented many little missions to get me through the sessions:

  • Mission ‘Do not make eye contact’- Yes you might be cute but I’ll be damned if you slap an agenda on me.
  • Mission ‘I do this all the time and don’t need your help’- look as angry a possible, no one will stare at an angry sweaty chick
  • Mission ‘Yes I am single but Im not looking at you’ – let’s face it sometimes I was, but very stagically, I’m single not blind! (This was implemented after the first mission failed)

Sadly theses missions became harder than the actual workout which left me with a suspended members account…to be continued, or not!


“Why would I want a guy to see me sweat in the gym?”

“Whose got time to over think what to wear to the gym?”

“Maybe I can find a man as insecure as me and we can be insecure together, lol!”

“If I can’t wear make up then I’m not going, so I’ll just stay fat and single”

I love my friends!!!!!

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