So I recorded my first Podcast over the weekend, it was great, so great that we decided to film a section. It was the best idea yet…until we played it back. Shock-horror as my brother filmed my bad side. He filmed the “Pimple side” so I had to reprimand him and asked him why he didn’t take my good side only to realise when it comes to pimples, I DON’T HAVE A GOOD SIDE.

Let’s go back to my teenage years where it all began, where it was all ok as most people’s face resembled a different pizza topping. But of course with the discovery of Clearasil I was not worried because I believed that as soon as I washed my face with it I was going to have this amazing radiant skin. WRONG. The disappointment was real after I tried it and has remained after every product I have tried to date.

Despite being told that I would grow out of it, let’s fast forward to my early 30s where it seems that my problem skin has remained my problem skin. Sadly I can admit that I have acne prone, scar prone, oily, hyper pigmented skin….and that’s just on the surface (see what I did there?)

Now if you read my “Sometimes I don’t want to…”#3 Wear make up blog, then you would know that I really have an issue with it but there are times where I need to yield and this is one. In order to be more comfortable and avoid the skin questions and glares, I have to make my self a little uncomfortable and conceal it (emoji eyes) as it is the lesser of the two evils.

With the help of my dedicated friend who I show each and every pimple to at work I was able to come up with a natural skin regime that has finally seen my skin calm (not pimple free) and healthy. At first I was resistant and told her that there is nothing she could tell me about that I haven’t tried, but once she was able to cap my ignorance we got down to business along with some inspiration from my cousin.

Wash with black soap, tone with rose water (my discovery), moisturise with jojoba oil (only at night) and pimple tame with Manuka honey. So far so good. And not that I am in any position to give tips, but guys if you have oily skin, milk of magnesia as a primer is EVERYTHING.

So now that I’m satisfied that my external regime is above board I realised again with resistance that I had to look internally. I did try zinc tablets that did wonders for my scars but I had the worst break out ever, I’m talking lumps and bumps…painful lumps and bumps. When I went online I realised that this was common after taking zinc tablets with some people because there was a lack of water drinking to support the B-vitamin element. Either way it scared the life out of me and I haven’t been able to go back despite having these breakouts again a few month after I stopped the supplement, it may not have been related but I am just not able to detach the two.

What I have tried is the reduction of dairy, only a reduction as I love cheese and can not see a happy future without it. Coconut milk, dark chocolate and no eggs is as far as I’ve been able to go. I don’t want to be at the mercy of my skin so I’m being realistic about my expectations. With that, this is what I have decided, drink more water with lemon, stock up on green teas and anything citrusy and get onto those smoothies instead of coffee (where possible).

I did for three days try to go Paleo diet but let’s face it (I did it again) grass fed animals and no processed foods were never going to happen, I had a “Daddy or chips” moment with food being daddy and skin being chips. Guess who won!

I had every intention of doing the “WHAT THE GIRLS SAY” section but none of my friends have the same issue as me. Ok that’s not totally true, but today’s blog is just a quick burst (I’m truly on a role). I can however tell you about several methods that I have been told of that I am sceptical about which are washing your face with hand-wash, using anti bacterial sanitiser on spots and Sudocrem at night (emoji thinking face). So if you have any tips for me that doesn’t involve sacrificing all things tasty then I’m all ears…

Time to go dab on some honey!!!!