Private Lessons

Private Lessons

First day of private lessons for volleyball. Excited, but nervous. Will the coach be mean? Will the lesson be intense?

Anyways, a lot to do before then. My mom loves to give me and my brother summer homework: Singapore Math, Elevate (an educational app), and a summer project. Mine is creating an Etsy store.

Speaking of which, I found the most AMAZING shell in Rhode Island! I made a beautiful necklace out of it! You can see it here:

Other than A.C.T. Camp, which was the same as always, everything’s norm-


I just realized something!


Because last night, I finished ALL the seasons of Psych, an awesome TV show about a guy who starts a psychic detective business, even though he’s not psychic; he just notices things. He then leads the entire Santa Barbara Police Department to think that he is psychic. He then proceeds to solve over 100 cases.

And I just finished the last episode last night! :(

I hope to find another show to watch. If you have any suggestions, comment below! (No R-Rated shows please!)

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