DRC Concerned Residents call for National Day of Action on Land

The DRC Concerned Residents Group would like to issue a statement of support and solidarity with the landless youth, who are on forefront of the struggle for decent housing in Windhoek and rural parts of the country.

DRC residents in high spirits during the two-week occupation of Swakopmund municipal premises in 2013

We further support the call for an amendment to the Constitution to provide one erf to each landless citizen.

There is a known backlog of 110,000 houses in the country, which is growing at the rate of 3,000 per year. The costs of housing and land do not correspond with people’s earnings. Indeed, the housing price bubble has put affordable housing beyond the reach of most people. As a society we must urgently address the issue.

The DRC residents have been engaged in this struggle for many years and are fully aware that many innocent lives have been lost in this struggle. Some were our neighbours and friends.

In October 2013 we occupied the premises of the Swakopmund municipality for several weeks to bring attention to the plight of the many people who cannot afford decent housing, or land to build a home on. We were eventually evicted from the municipal premises by high court order, but our issues have to date not been addressed.

Great numbers of people, including many children, have burnt to death at the coast in recent years, due to the lack of basic services, including essential water supply. Countless others suffered illness, hardship and humiliation due to the lack of basic sanitation services.

We do not have access to household water, energy, sanitation. Even in the 21st century, many of us are living in the dark ages, many of us are homeless, landless in our own country.

This state of affairs has become untenable and must be urgently addressed as a national priority. We, the poor, are not the problem. Our creative and collective powers are key to the solution of homelessness and hunger in our country.

Therefore, we endorse the Call for an Amendment to the Constitution to provide one erf to every citizen as a Constitutional Right. We are prepared to back up our demand with mass action and call on the youth and landless people to prepare for a Day of Action at the opening of parliament.

Herewith you can find our draft petition, which calls on the next Parliament to debate the Motion for and amendment to the Constitution, which we are putting forward, as a matter of utmost importance.


DRC Concerned Group Contacts:

Secretary: Laidlaw Peringanda — 081–8405399

Chairperson: David Nghiimbwasha — 081–2982069

* Contribute to this debate on social media using hashtag #1erfeach

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