On Monday you hit the road 
And put a hundred miles between us 
But there were over a hundred more 
Before you even drove away.

On Tuesday I dreamt of you 
And I was content 
Until you asked if we were seeing other people. 
I woke up shaking and hyperventilating, 
But breath meant nothing by that point to me, 
Cause nothing quite compares 
To the pit of emptiness you leave behind 
Inside my hollow chest and stomach 
When you leave.

And you leave me often, 
You leave me in this place to rot in, 
You push me farther as you claim 
You want me to stay. 
You leave me every time I turn my back,
Every moment of silence a covert attack, 
And every time you convince me 
To let down my guard,
I find myself just an inch more scarred.

And when Wednesday comes, 
I realize I don’t trust you anymore
And there’s nowhere left to go, 
Nothing left to say 
After that, 
After the embers of trust 
Have disintegrated into nothingness.

So keep putting miles between us, 
For the sake of us both. 
Our happiness was too fragile 
To be handled by calloused arms.

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