Learn to love winter

So, winter is coming up and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Some people love the rainy season but I’m most certainly not one of those people. Even though I was born in the middle of winter, I’m definitely a summer child. I love the early morning (even though I would still be in bed if I had a choice). For some reason, the cold weather and grey skies are almost always guaranteed to put me in a bad mood.

But this year I refuse to give into the winter blues. I will force a smile onto my face and make it through the shorter days and ice cold winds. I plan to learn to love winter. And here’s how I aim to do it.

Get the gear

I’ve already gone out and bought myself a killer pair of winter boots. I’ve invested in the most stunning winter coat. In fact, I’ve completely kitted out my winter wardrobe. It may sound superficial, but looking good really does make you feel good. And I plan on feeling really good this year.

The changing season is a great opportunity to update your look and style. What better excuse to go shopping can you come up with? You don’t even need to spend that much cash. Simply purchase a few quality items and use them to mix up your warm outfits from last year.

Make plans to suit the weather

My biggest concern with winter is that it makes me antisocial. I don’t want to go for a boozy brunch when it’s pouring with rain. In all honesty, I don’t want to leave my bed when it’s raining outside. But I’ve decided to kill that urge.

This year, I’ll be making movie dates with my mates and organising soup tasting parties. Think spicy food and hot chocolate. Think Gluehwein and whiskey instead of margaritas and wine spritzers. There are many activities you can still do even when it’s freezing outside.

Embrace the alone time

Okay, so you need to keep social. But you should also embrace the solitary aspect of the season. Spend some time alone. Get a few blankets and curl up with a good book. Or catch up on that series you used to love but lost track of. Spend some time daydreaming or meditating. Enjoy spending some quality time with the most important person in your life — you.

It’s about to get cold and the rain is about to pour. But that doesn’t mean you have to be as miserable as the weather. Learn to love winter. It’s not going anywhere for the next few months.

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