Hello all! :-) I wanted to write a quick intro piece. So… Here it is!

I’ll start this intro off with a little background about myself. To sum it up, I’m a SysAdmin by day, and a developer by night. I enjoy both sides of the house. SysAdmin work is my paycheck, while developer work is one of my pastimes. My current focus is JavaScript, with active study into it’s power as a coding language. That includes study on topics such as Node.js, Vue.js , Gulp.js and AngularJS. I plan to publish plenty of JavaScript related posts, as I’ll be detailing what I learn along the way. The SysAdmin side in me won’t forget to mention the infrastructure-related stuff as well. Expect to see those types of posts too!

Gaming is another pastime of mine. I LOVE a solid platformer or side scroller any day, anytime. I’ve just started venturing down the road of game hosting. I’ve been eager to immerse myself in the gaming world in a different way. Rather than being a consumer only, I wanted to have some kind of role in the industry I love to follow and participate in. I considered streaming, but then decided against it. At last, I decided on game hosting. I’ve started with TF2 first because it’s free! And easy for those just getting started, like me. I’ll be posting what I learn and experience along the way on this topic too.

I’ve summed up most of my passions / pastimes at this point. Now to mention one of the last, content creation. My admiration of content creation has been inspired by the likes of Cinemassacre, Brave Wilderness and Steve Putts, to name a few. There is something very powerful about people, just like you and me, creating content. With so much misinformation, advertising and just overall bs swirling the web, it’s inspiring to see digital media and art created by people with raw talent and passion. Everyday people, getting to do their thing.. Sharing their POV without relying on a studio, production company, etc to distribute (and potentially hack-up) their work. For me, I have always wanted to be an artist. At one time I thought art could only be in painted pictures, sculptures and such. Until one day I realized, art comes in all forms. To me, content creation and coding are artistic in their own right. They each require creativity and vision, just like any type of art demands. I’m currently working to get my podcast going. I’ll be posting it here once it’s up and running. Girl’s Modern Tech World will include topics on backend / frontend development, infrastructure, applications, scripting and automation and more… Just like this blog will!

I’m motivated and inspired to create a quality blog with quality content. Check back as new posts will start rolling out on a regular basis soon. I hope you enjoy!

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