Perpetual Motion, Ephemeral Forms

Still as though it may seem, all is in perpetual motion.

So many eternal moments, come and gone. The recollection inspires a sense of futility, sentimentality . Beautiful moments; the rare instances felt to be right where I want to be. When the time seemingly holds much more than usual, yet, it proceeds as usual.

The ephemerality of each moment makes it all more peculiar and desirable.

All in perpetual motion, I wonder how I’ve experienced such moments. All must be in motion for such to manifest. By the nature of the same facets, the form inevitably continues to change.

A single frame wouldn’t be all too exciting anyway. One position, one perception. If I were to inhabit a particular loop, I’d soon grow bored, confined to a nightmare. The entire motion itself, is the enticement. An experience of more to experience. I happen to exist amidst.

Such joy to see something otherwise unseen. To glimpse a magnificent blip. This world allows my venture through worlds that may never be observed again. Fleeting as I may be, I’ve experienced much that is far more ephemeral. Relatively, I’m eternal, as the stars are to me: persistent far beyond my existence.

Wonderful, this persistent reality I find myself to be of. All I’ve experienced continues to accompany me and is reintegrated, forming alternate experiences. The mental realm allows the revisits and fantasies I occasionally long for. Thus, I experience eternity amidst ephemerality.

Though truly, it is all one continuous moment. I only divide and confine its many aspects and forms within my mind, noting peculiar instances.

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