Name: Amelie Rospine

DOB: 01/08/1985

Confirm that everything in the below statement is true: I confirm

I’ve got such a beautiful baby. Jason obviously didn’t understand. When he looked into the blue eyes of our perfect child he cried and I never saw him again.

Well good riddance. Me and my sweet Ruben don’t have time for that. He’s got me and I’ve got him, that’s all we need.

He’s such a well behaved child. He’s four months and he sleeps though the night already! And when I hold my sweet baby boy he just stares at me, and all I see is his gorgeous cherub face.

We don’t go out much though, me and Ruben. I don’t think the people in this shitty town have ever seen such a beautiful baby before, so now when we go out they just glare at us.

I think I know why; he’s just not a chubby baby. You know the kind, the ones with beautiful chubby rosy red cheeks that everyone wants to play peak — a — boo with. That’s not my baby, but that’s not because I don’t try! I don’t starve my beautiful little boy. I would never!

He’s just a growing boy, he drinks the milk faster than I can make it, but that’s okay, one day he’ll be big and strong and make his mummy proud (well prouder than I already am!).

That’s why we were out when those assholes started shouting at me. It was three in the afternoon and he’d drunk all of his milk already. I’m a good mother so I’m not going to let him go hungry!

It was outside the shop when they started shouting at me, calling me “sick” and “pathetic”. I tried to ignore them, but then they started calling my baby “horrifying”, “stillborn” and “decomposing”. So yeah — I hit them okay. I’m really sorry but can you just give me back my baby? He must be hungry by now, and if I don’t feed him he’ll never be chubby.

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