AHCA Vote: A Disaster for America

A repeal of the Afforable Care Act (Obamacare) will be a disaster for America. The “opt-out” component of the Bill allowing individual states not to cover preexisting conditions is a ticking time bomb, a literal death sentence for millions of people living in the red states whose governors choose that option. Real men, women and children will die because of this law if it gets through the Senate and is signed by Trump.

Twenty Republicans voted against Trumpcare, but no California Republican was among them. In California, where our legislature is considering universal healthcare for all residents, this failure to sway any Republican vote against this Bill is a failure of Ms. Pelosi and the Democratic House leadership.

The vote today further underscores and reaffirms the need for a universal healthcare system in the United States. Now more than ever, we need to repair the damage done by the Republican Congress. As San Francisco’s Congressman, I will immediately do everything possible to promote and bring about the passage of a universal health care law. I seek your support in that effort.