PERSPECTIVE | The assassination of ‘Proud Mary’

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Taraji P. Henson stars as Mary in “Proud Mary.” (Dana Starbard/Screen Gems)

PERSPECTIVE | ‘I wish it were more surprising,’ a U.-Va., alumna said

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Last Friday, portraits of angry white men, their faces glowing in the light of a fiery mob, began circulating on Twitter. These images, taken in Charlottesville, Va., were promptly followed by a steady stream of white people making jokes about the fact that the torches in question were of the standard home-and-garden store variety.

A lot of us, frankly, didn’t see the humor. These images were disturbingly similar to photos from Ku Klux Klan rallies in the Confederate States of America, down south, during the civil rights movement. Amongst those not laughing were many black, brown and Jewish people…

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Jeweled and majestic as ever…We dont deserve her✨

We get it her sound gave out or whatever. Mariah Carey doesn’t owe y’all shit. Like her 1997 hit classic she gave “Her All.”

Not only that but she’s given you all her good years. All her glam. And a catalogue of classic to span for years. Why are we so ungrateful?

Not to mention I guarantee ALL of you went about your day humming either one of her botched ballads in your head after seeing the infamous performance.

Like don’t even try and act like we all didn’t know EVERY single word to this song:

And I…

Hero to us All 🍗

I love Fried Chicken. Why? Because it is delicious. However, for decades some black people, including myself, have felt shame in relationship to the act of enjoying this fine delicacy in public.

So my heart nearly exploded when I witnessed the most adorable carefree black man indulging in “succulent” wings and “Hench” burgers in the name of reviewing “Chicken Spots” in London.

Meet “The Chicken Connoisseur.”

He seems to be an overnight sensation. However he’s uploaded videos to his Youtube Channel since 2015. It is the passion behind his message that has allowed people to…

Jagger Blaec

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