Remote Onboarding During COVID-19

Meaningful Engagement Vs Junk Engagement.

Prior to suggesting any concrete “To do’s” or helpful tools, I think it’s valuable to distinguish the type of engagement needed to make a new hire feel welcome, included and confident that they made the right decision to join your team. When we refer to “engagement” or plan “engagement” activities, there are really two types of output: meaningful engagement and junk engagement.

Practical things you can do to maximize your remote onboarding experience!

The Right Tools
What does your team need to properly onboard this new hire remotely and communicate action items throughout the remote period? Having the right tools to effectively communicate across a variety of platforms, depending on what information you need to send or collect, is so important. An email might not be a culturally appropriate or effective way to do a quick pulse check with a new hire- but a tool like Slack DM or SMS (if your hire opts-in to cell number sharing) might be better received.

Some great tools MistyWest uses regularly to manage our remote onboarding experience.

If you’ve read our Adaptive Organizations blog series, you’ll already know that MistyWest uses Asana broadly as a team to manage our projects and workflows across many departments. When it comes to onboarding, each new hire is assigned an employee-facing project, which walks them through every part of their onboarding process, task-by-task. Each task is assigned and the new hire “completes” the task once they’ve read the information or done the requested action. An added bonus: the amazing animations once they’ve completed a bucket of tasks!

  1. Is Canadian-based, meaning their servers are located in Canada and subject to Canada’s stringent privacy laws; and
  2. It greatly reduces the number of steps to gathering and storing information on our team, a well as moving new hires from our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to our onboarding workflow.
  3. Integrates with our health insurance provider and automatically enrolls new hires in our benefits plan.



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Rebecca Apostoli

Rebecca Apostoli

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