I am not perfection but was created perfectly.

If love is fleeting, You love for you

I’ll love for me.

Although I do not wish to see

Fleet or defeat

I do believe we can all be everything inside we.

Everything we love for

can be better than before

Never wishing for nothing more

But to live in the moment when we jumped through the door

These words I speak come straight through my chest if I was to give it rest I wouldn’t catch my breath

A sacred heart with a dagger running through it,

I’m not God but I’m created in a way that he speaks through me with whatever I have to say

If I keep up with love I could never run out, there’s a place in me that overflows with the feeling so tell me again, why do they think it’s fleeting?

Say if we were living in a world with no meaning, would you find purpose just to wake up in the morning?

Could you resonate with the understanding that you could only be less than what you’re already created?

Would you choose your steps through another man’s tests? Would you feel your own heart beat through another woman’s breast?

How could the one thing that potentially keeps you going be the last thing on your mind when your life is growing?

I think we give up too fast when things get too hard, or we just grow bored with the presents of someone else, so we feel that we no longer owe love to ourselves.

When you come out of the womb and the mother looks into the eyes of her beautiful new soul I’m sure she almost dies. To not love that being would make her want to cry, so tell me again how could love be so fleeting when it’s literally our first ever feeling.

Pray over the damaged individuals because they still haven’t learned yet, that the topic of conversation is always on the surface.

See how I started off with a personal affirmation, that just goes to show that I can love on my own. That’s not to discredit anyone that loves me too, but I could feel no pain if I didn’t love you.

It’s always important to get back to the source. Our inner bodies is something we can never ignore. If you listen to what your mind, body, and spirit says, you would get much closer to the things you have read.

Love is a feeling an action and all the above, but if you can’t do it yourself to someone else it’s pointless.

Reach inside your gut and pull out your pride, look it in the eye so it can meet your ego, and in that moment, let them know that they can no longer have a hold on you, and I guarantee you will find the love that deserves you.

I often think about why us human exist. Everything is always taken in a literal sense. The aliens that walk this earth get overlooked because the normal can’t understand their source in their books.

Think about the entertainers that provide us some joy we need, they literally had to bleed to get to where they wanted to be.

We base everything off the pain we feel because we associate it with what makes things real. If we were able to feel that love high all the time, we wouldn’t ever want it to end but the pain is what we always sink in.

It’s a lot bigger than a lot of things but learning to love is not a minor thing. Honestly I wish we could all feel it at once in the same moment just so I can see how fast things change.

So close to being unnoticed that we shrivel up like we can’t do more. Not ever wanting to get off the floor. How can one not live no more, but breath the same air they are destined for?

It’s like a never ending cycle, I understand and there’s always a way to start again.

Take care of yourself, reserve your health. & know that Yahweh didn’t put you here to fail or do anything else but to follow your passions and to continue to grow & live your wealth.