A Nice Red — Instantly generate UI colours that complement your brand

I just launched A Nice Red, a simple little tool to grab some colours to use in your UI. Pop in your brand’s primary colour and you get back a nice red for error states, green for success, and amber for warnings.

Why would I use this?

Use this if you just want a decent colour palette quickly, so you can get on with building your awesome product.

Will the colours be perfect?

They’ll be a great starting point or fine for an MVP. Be careful using them for text because I haven’t checked them for accessible contrast. If you have suggestions on how the colours could be better please don’t hesitate to message me on Twitter.

Why did you make this?

I made A Nice Red to learn the basics of React. I’m a product designer but really enjoying doing front-end at the moment.

It was inspired by a tweet from my mate Joe:

What other technologies are used?

React, Create React App (really great starting point for React), flexbox, Github pages, Cloudflare CDN, Color-convert, React Color Picker, React Copy-to-clipboard.

Can I please tell you how bad your code is?

Absolutely, go ahead. I know it needs a bit of tidying up, at the very least.