The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

I love articles that encourage folks to learn more rather than defend past learning. This article is fine for inconsequential disagreement, such as: “my favorite color is blue, yours is green.”

The problem with political disagreements is that they are backed by oppression. Force. It is not an inconsequential disagreement when your “opponents” desire is to use overwhelming, continuous and pervasive force to oppress your freedom based on any of Ten Thousand kinds of rational THEY have for oppressing YOUR freedom. The mistake lies in the belief that there exists the RIGHT argument which justifies the oppression of the non-violent actions of others. There is not. No amount of open-minded naivety can change that. No such argument exists. Force is not dependent on a good argument. Nothing any of us value, desire, cherish, prefer or NEED is immune to the oppressive consequences of perpetually growing government.

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