Friday News Roundup: Fourth of July Edition

By: Karmen Fox

Happy long weekend, Wizonites! Before you bust out the grill and fill up the cooler, dig into these links we gathered from around the Twitterverse. But first, from the Briefcase…

  • Fourth of July isn’t the only holiday this week. #SocialMediaDay was on Tuesday. Hooray! We celebrated by rounding up the 10 best tweets the Internet had to offer.
  • Your story should be heard. Get your pitch published by avoiding these mistakes.

And from our friends across the Interwebs…

  • Want to be more productive? Try these time management skills anyone can master.
  • Then use these strategies for or a more productive team. Yes, even if it’s a remote team.
  • Even creative types have routines. Check out the daily schedules of the most famous creative minds, from Dickens to Picasso.
  • But don’t stop the creativity there. Here are 9 ways to become more creative in the next 10 minutes, and no, it doesn’t involve a trip to Starbucks.
  • Think Facebook doesn’t work for businesses? Forbes gives you 10 good reasons why your brand should be on Facebook.
  • Don’t fade into the newsfeed. Here’s how you can burn bright on social media.

Now get out there, and enjoy the long weekend!

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