5 Quick Things newbies need to know about Anime

It all starts with a single click.

Anime has been around for decades,classics that shaped childhoods past and present. But it has always deemed separate from the idea of cool but now it has slowly been flowing into the general consciousness . This year,more and more anime themed news have come into the mainstream including releases in theaters like Sailor Moon and even Studio Ghibli releasing movies that hasn’t been released in America before.

Unlike popular thought, Anime are not just cartoons for children but most of them are actually for adults being mainly based on manga rated teen and up.

Becuase of the immense variety of Anime itself ,going head first in into it can be daunting. So for you here are some quick things to know to help in getting your feet wet.

1. It’s not all about tentacles.

Not even going to bother with this one . Image source here

While it may be common confuse hentai, anime porn, ( especially ones with tentacles ) the only anime there is ,it isn’t. Hentai is a branch of anime style ,there is anime of it but to say it’s the only kind of anime out there that’s like saying all shows ever made of a certain genre belongs on Pornhub.

2. There is fanservice though…

First time I saw fanservice

Fanservice is common in comics,movies , tv and of course anime too. It is element used in anime that shows sexual shots or situations that are not sexual acts. While it’s common for fanservice to be geared towards the male gaze, it is also geared towards the female gaze as well. While some use fanservice as their main thing , and others not at all, still expect fanservice in anime geared towards teens and adults.

2. Even though there are many genres and shows that adhere to a certain gender it doesn’t mean you can’t watch it

Sailor Moon has viewers across all walks of life .How can she not ?

Like American TV there are shows geared towards a certain age group or gender. The most common is Shojo and Shonen .Shojo is mostly towards a younger female audience. It usually have romantic relationships and its problems as it’s main plot points. Shonen is for young male audience that mostly has action filled plots that fill the screen.

Sailor neptune (left) and Sailor Uranus(right) ,ultimate it couple and part of the LGTQ+ community

This doesn’t constrict anyone. Sailor Moon a shojo anime has a lot of fans of all genders especially in the LGTQ+ community .But over the years many new shows (and old ones) have a balance of both and many more qualities , that can’t be put into a single genre or audience.

3. How you watch can affect your understanding

We didn’t start this battle

Since all anime are based in Japan, they are in japanese. So there is a choice of viewing raw, no subtitles , subtitles or dubbing ( the use of different voice actors that vocies the show in english). Popular shows like Pokemon ,Yu Gi-Oh ,Naruto, and One Piece are big examples of the use of dubbing for American TV.

But since not every thing Japanese can translate ( also its according to the translator) for the the English script some things said are changed for understanding of American audiences or to censor certain things considered “unsavory” for viewers.

That’s why sub is among the best choices for viewers. You see pieces of language would of been confusing to just hear and wouldn’t been added at all. This would include japanese honorifics suffixes like -san, -chan, etc which categorizes the relationship between the caller and the one being called.

Since I watch the combination of all three,I learned to just watch a little bit of all three and to stick with which one makes you better understand and enjoy the show.

4. There are ones deemed “too mainstream”

Watch what ya want to watch!

Yes, there are the mainstream/overrated crowd here too. Mainstream animes are ones that are popular with viewers that may not watch too much of other anime. Don’t stress about being in or out of the anime crowd, or watching something deemed “mainstream”, it is popular for a reason, and its your opinion that counts for you.Like it? Watch to your heart’s content! Don’t? Drop it like a bad habit!

5. They are for everyone!


If you are into sports,fashion, sci-fi ,westerns or romance, Anime has it all. Go ahead and find one thats calling your name! Or find one that is a surprise, you never know , it may become a new favorite!

For sites to start from try , crunchyroll and funanimation. There are plenty of anime on Netflix and Hulu as well!

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