Why Police Brutality Needs to Stop

As I typed in “man” in my search bar on Google to find out more about the most recent police brutality attack the search results on the drop bar really astounded me.

man shot by police; man shot in Brooklyn; man shot for selling CDs

As I read an article by the New York Post my heart was torn into pieces. Here we are yet again watching as a black man gets treated like an animal for doing absolutely nothing. There was a video that was attached with the article and my heart stopped as I heard the gun shots. I just don’t understand why police officers believe they are truly above the law! They are not serving any kind of justice to their communities, in fact they are doing them a disservice, serving the community in the most injust of ways.

With all of the shootings that have been happening it makes it seem like this country is gun-obsessed, everyone has a gun or gets shot for having a gun. But this type of behavior done by those that are supposed to be protecting, and making communities more safe needs to stop.

When is it going to stop America? When will black lives really matter?