The next iPhone will determine the next laptop I purchase…. here’s why.
Nicholas Lane

Two things, your macbook air 11" I assume you were not using this laptop for power applications, as it is not built for heavy duty processing. I have the same reservations on the new pro models. Here is a handy stack of requirements that if you can’t check the box, you are just fine with the Air.

  1. Video Editing, No ?, stick with air

2. Serious Gaming, No ?, stick with air

Browsing, document processing, google docs etc.., watching Netflix all

work perfectly fine with your Air.

The spec bump the new models will get this year, will only stoke the power users of above two points. 98% of all other users are just wanting a shiny new toy, which is fine but then don’t bitch about shelling out 2 grand. that’s the price of entry to stay in the Apple family…..

You want cheap, there is Dell, Lenovo, Acer, etc.. they work just fine. Most users are basically scratch the surface of Mac OS, or windows 10 level of comprehension, there really is no difference anymore. Which is why Chromebooks are so popular.


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