I Don’t Have A Plan..

I don’t have a plan.

I don’t have a plan and it scares me, but I am also thrilled.

I don’t have a plan, I am 28yrs old and have lived it safe for my whole life and it’s boring.

I don’t have a plan, and I want one. Not the usual plan that leads to a nuclear family, but a plan of ‘not having a plan’.

I don’t have a plan, and I have tried to create one. I tried to manifest a plan after trying to mimic my favourite unofficial ‘mentors’ and speaking to entrepreneurial friends, but their plans were their plans.

I don’t have a plan, and I have finally realised it’s okay to not have one, because a plan is nothing more then that. A plan. It does not mean it would be adhered too, it does not mean I would succeed (what is success anyway?). It does not mean that I won’t fail. It just means that I have a plan

I don’t have a plan, and thats okay. Yes, I have weekly and daily checklists, but thats because my brain would quite simply forget things otherwise, but its not a plan.

I do have a plan. I have a plan to stop and smell the roses. A plan to take risks. A plan to listen to my heart and do what my heart calls for.

I do have a plan. A plan to listen to me and only to me. To listen, but not necessarily absorb what others think my future holds (and this includes social expectations) and to not compare myself to others (including social media).

I do have a plan to be the person that I was born to be, to not do anything to be someone. But to do things that make my heart flutter, to make me smile or to let my body take a sigh of relaxation when it stops.

I have a plan. I plan to finally be me…

Whats your plan?…