Hello there,

Let’s play with our imagination a little
I echoed three times through the plaid white walls as i shifted my cloth and let my buttocks grace the plaid white sheet.

I wondered where i was each day
Its like i was in this rectangle with no door.
I didnt know what if flet like to feel.
I lost the meaning of life
And forgot the true meaning of everything.

You know how the church bells would fill the whole street on a sunday morning.
How the chipping of the birds would grace your window before any noise does
How the sunlight gives a little wake up and pops the melanin
How Children laughter filled the room when the recess bell goes off
The joy you feel when it’s the end of the day and you run into the arm of your parent

The supernatural fun from just within from being around people.


I heard damian used that word sometimes

I had never experienced these things before
Damian was the one that read all these things to me.
I had never seen a bird before or other children.
I knew not what school was
I had never gone to church.
Tbh i had never seen seen my self before.

Damian was the only one i had
Damian is me
In this context Damian is your body.
And the speaker is you
The white box is your mind.
Your body is unaware of you being trapped in your mind
You make that choice
You make that conscious choice to leave your mind. 
To leave what you feel is a rectangle of bondage which might actually be a facade of pure imagination

You have the power to make choices for your mind and your body

The mind is a beautiful thing.
It does not need to be validated by your body.
It has a mind of its own.

Crazy but, 
The mind has a mind of its own.

So why then detach and created a you, a damian, a rectangular plaid white box.

So why then be separated 
When you can be one?
One with the box, with your self, with damian.

Inner peace is what we are driving are
Inner fufilment
Inner acceptance
Inner comfort

For if the dough of the bread is not done. 
The outer surface is just false.

So why do live keenly on not living

I mean we try our best to live but do a very good of not living at all.

So then why do you live?

Who do live for?

What do you live for?

Sanity or Truth

Damian or you

But remember ONENESS is true

A. J. Scripts