How do you give yourself the space necessary to create?
Paul Jarvis

It’s a Voice.

I think, Mine, Is when I travel…

Have you heard of the saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” If this is true, I would be at the last row of the last rows. LOL

When I was a young boy, I used to go to school, in the morning, well groomed. Ironed out school uniform (Asian mom’s do that :-) newly shine leather shoes, wet hair and well combed plus powder on my face, I don’t know why but i think, so that I will smell good to my classmates.

But at the end of the school day, I would come home in chaos. I have ink blots on my uniform, dusty leather shoes, with sweat as my choice of perfume and as I enter our home, I would drag my heavy bag from the door steps up to the living room; One time, I even came home with an eraser stuck into my nostrils LOL.

Now that I’m of age, I’ve had a privilege of traveling around the world, well, southeast Asia to be exact and some other parts of the United states and Australia. In every places or cities I’ve been to, I would always check out graffiti walls. I’m so fascinated by it. I would even imagine how the walls looked like without those beautiful drawings. It looks boring, It seems like a dead wall, Moss green is the only color that gives life to it, some parts you can see path of water that dries out from the pouring rain. It is dark, dingy, alone and you can sense an abandonment. As if all of it’s beauty had been sucked in by it’s loneliness and of no value.

Then someone came, with a good heart, found hope and can see a future on something that is dead and has a use. The artist found a place of rest, to pour out his/her heart and give herself/himself away with all of its passion. The wall, for the first time at the first stroke starting to become alive, as color touches the wall, It speaks, It shines and found its own beauty once more, all of it’s glory came to life because of someone’s Love.

As a young boy, for some reason, I’ve had an inkling, that with all of its ugliness around me, I can still find beauty and hope. Is it possible the space is in the cavity of our soul? Or Perhaps, creativity comes deep within us, My suspicion is that, It speaks, or maybe, it’s a voice, that you can hear through LOVE. Now as a grown up, I realized “Cleanliness is not next to Godliness” not to diminish the idea of being clean. But I think, “God hates Boredom”. Let us all create a future full of life.

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