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I have been investing in Crypto-currencies, since 2 years and now helping people like me invest in order to get high returns (High risk). These are my personal tips and should follow at your own risks (Pretty good risk to take)

I’ll be listing down my top picks which have yielded highest returns for me and believe are going to grow further.

Safe Network (Maidsafe coins- MAID)

Founded in 2006, Maidsafe is aiming to build a new kind of internet. One that is not vulnerable to DDOS attacks. One that natively encrypts consumer data end to end and stores it with redundant distributed security.

Coin Overview 
● Marketcap 152 million USD. 
● Current MAID supply 52,552,412 
● Most popular wallet to hold off exchange 
● High volume exchanges: and 
● Token secured by Bitcoin Blockchain. 
● Swap for Safecoin (native network token) speculated to happen towards the end of 2017 
● Development roadmap. 
● Main site at

My View

MaidsafeCoin (MAID) has been a very profitable investment for me. Delivering 2.5x ROI in about 4months. It’s a pre launch coin and still under Alpha , should be releasing by end of 2017.

Current trends

Currently trading at all time high but I am willing to hold MAID as the team behind is really committed (Over 11 years of working on this project)

We are currently doing a closed Crypto-currency fund and building something really cool, where normal users can invest in different currencies automatically (Click of a button) Message me or Christopher Shen for more info!