Dear hardworking 20 something year old

How are you? Yes, How are you?. I can clearly read past those fake smiles that there is a void in that “I am great”.

TAKE A BREAK. Stop Talking. Stop Typing on your phone. Give yourself 5 mins and read, if not for yourself read it for me.

Why are we here on Earth? This is a beautiful place and we are all here to make it more beautiful than we found it. You are here to do great things. You can be anything you want, you can make history and you can create values and impact lives.

Stop looking for escapes from reality. You don’t need escape from work you just need to open your real eyes to realise there a billion things out there for you to do. Work hard and party harder but don’t join the Walking Dead generation. We work hard the whole week and then party during the weekends. In the rush between work and parties you’ve forgotten what a peaceful sleep feels like.

Work on those damn presentations during the week and enjoy the game of Golf on weekends but don’t miss out lying lazily staring at the sky on a cloudy afternoon. The open skies screams out and tells you a lot only if you are patient enough to hear it. You don’t need those intoxicants to give you an euphoric feeling. A drag of grass and a glass of wine is cool but you know what’s better? Try a dinner date with Mom, make her smile, happy and wanted at the end of the dinner hearty laughter will be your complimentary dessert.

Buy experiences and not things. 30 years later you’ll not remember how much you saved to buy the iPhone 7 but you’ll remember that crazy trip to Vegas. Experiences create memories that you can cherish forever.

KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) Why do we work? To earn money. Why do we want to earn money? To stay Happy. If you’re not happy why the hell are you even working?

You might not notice but everyone is fighting a struggle you have no idea about. The most successful dude in your group whom you envy is also in a turmoil fighting a battle you have no idea about. I am certain you have never looked down at those people who aspire to be you.

Be ambitious, be great, achieve your goals but don’t let your ambitions kill your hearts content. Stay content. Be Happy. Be Satisfied its okay if you are not always the smartest guy in the room. We need to sit-back sometimes.

I can see you getting anxious, you really want to get back to your WhatsApp and eMails. Signing Off. If you ever feel low always remember You are doing just fine. If the road seems blurry rub your eyes and try focusing again.

Remind Yourself its okay not to be Perfect