Indian marriages and the Seven rounds

Sacrifice comes naturally easy to those who are imbued with the doctrine of ahimsa (non-injury) ; to others it is a tedious and unwholesome thing.. The point is forcibly brought to the mind of the marrying couples at the time of the wedding ceremony amongst the Aryan races in India. They are made to go round the Sacred Fire seven times. The ceremony is an essential element in a Jaina and Hindu marriage. The significance of this ceremony is symbolic, Agni, the god of fire, being really only a personification of the karma-consuming Fire of Renunciation. As the young couple go round the Sacred Fire it is impressed upon their minds at each circum-ambulation that not pleasure-seeking, but renunciation is the aim and ideal of life. This is done not once, nor twice, but seven times. The wedding ceremony is certainly the most befitting occasion for the injunction, since married life affords such sense-stealing intoxication to the participants that they are apt to disregard all higher ideals and injunctions for the pleasure of each other’s contact and the love of the children that may be born.