That Was Embarrassing…

Just last night something happened, it was quite entertaining and yet so applicable to life and business, I had to share it with you.

My wife and I have been having a blast traveling to some amazing places over the past few weeks (Chicago, Boca Raton, Telluride CO, etc)

and we finally are home long enough to catch up with a good friend for dinner who we have missed a ton. We set up a place and time to eat at one of our favorite spots and he said “I’m bringing a girl”.

We assumed just one.

So that you know where I’m going with this, much like you, me, or anyone else for that matter, we all have an area of our life we’d like to improve or goals we are working towards.

You may want to improve communication amongst your team/clients/spouse, or you are working towards achieving peak performance, better health, greater results, etc.

The area of life my friend wants to improve is his love life. More specifically, his goal is to find a wife. ASAP!

When you have a goal in mind, there are many ways to achieve that goal. So achieving the goal should be fairly simple, right? Wrong.

If we have so many options of getting to a desired outcome, why is it we so often fall short of our goals? I can tell you it’s not from simply setting the goal too high or too low.

Why is it that my buddy, who is one of the most social guys I know, who knows nearly everyone in this town, who can get access to pretty much anything cannot find his future wife?

Why is it that business owners, who read every sales and leadership book still cannot get their team together to crush their previous sales goals or performance?
Why is it that coaches can give a plan of action to clients yet they still go in circles with the same end results unable to overcome their habitual patterns?

Why is it that my friend, who is “really trying”, shows up to dinner last night and “accidentally” ended up having TWO women he’s interested in show up to dinner as well. (cue awkward silence)

I highlight “really trying” because that’s what we all say.

We all believe we are really trying, but ARE WE?

Have we truly committed to the goal or outcome we desire? Have we decided on the absolute best path to get there?

I’ll continue to use my friend as an example because while it’s kind of a funny story when that awkward moment happens that two people you are romantically interested in both show up at the same time/same place and then proceed to make future plans together as well…because it’s wildly similar to how most approach life and business and it parallels some of the foundational lessons we teach in Performance Coach Training.

So often we become inundated with options or resources, that we either:

1. Do absolutely nothing
2. Do too much

In this event, he’s doing BOTH. It’s true. He’s done absolutely nothing when it comes to getting crystal clear on his outcome. “Find a wife” is not an outcome. It’s a very general, vague, catch all kind of statement.

That’s exactly why the women that showed up last night (and previously) are all COMPLETELY and radically different from one another. He’s playing the catch-all strategy.

How similar does this sound to the results you get week to week or month to month are completely different from each other? Are you playing the catch all strategy too?

Furthermore, he’s doing too much because on top of not being specific about WHO it is he is looking for, he’s also not clear on HOW he will go about finding or courting her, so he ends up doing pretty much anything to find her.

His words “Why does this always happen?”

Find yourself asking the same question?

Just as if you were to try every single sales and leadership strategy all throughout the day with your team, or every single tool throughout the session with your clients, nothing really ends up working.

When you don’t know EXACTLY what you want, and EXACTLY how you are going to there, you end up in embarrassing and awkward situations going home empty handed, without any big wins, in a situation that continues to repeat itself.

Now, I love my buddy and trust me my wife is working with him closely on getting clear on the type of woman he truly wants and how he’ll go about finding her. He’s in good hands.

YOU, however, is who I AM focused on.

Are you crystal clear on the goal you are going after?

Have you defined why it is an absolute must for you to achieve this goal?

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and your goal is to increase performance amongst yourself and your team, Performance Coach University has the exact tools you need that I’ve personally used helped many business owners and their teams achieve peak performance.

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This training program IS NOT for those just looking for a smorgasbord of coaching tools out there.

Performance Coach University is for those who want to focus specifically on results, performance, and resilience.

Like my buddy, if you’re not clear on what it is you want, you’ll get everything and anything and not necessarily when it’s most convenient.

Our Performance Coach Training & Certification Program is for those that know their needs, wants, and desires in terms of performance, results, and resilience.

If you’re clear on that, then be clear that your path to get there is right here.

See you inside.

To Your Success,


#1 Bestselling Author &

Decorated Performance Coach

Founder & Lead Trainer Performance Coach University

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