My Top 5 Spas in Abuja, Nigeria.

My name is Ife Ibiyemi and I am a Vendor Manager with Jajawaka. Jajawaka is the largest Beauty & Wellness online booking platform in Nigeria. I am responsible for signing and managing Beauty & Wellness vendors the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja.

In my role as a Vendor manager, I have been privileged to have visited a good number of spas in and around Abuja, and after a careful examination, here is a list of my top 5, in no particular order.


This spa is located in Wuse II. What struck me first was the beauty of the environment and how spacious it was. In addition to the beauty of the environment, the spa is sparkling, very neat and clean. It was also pleasing to know that, the owner of the spa was right there to oversee your treatment, that is, if she isn’t administering it herself. It is one of their priorities to ensure that you are very comfortable, guaranteeing that you do not have to worry about some therapists or staff not doing a good job or taking proper care of you. Finally, their services, which is the most important factor, is really amazing, they make sure you don’t leave the way you came. Their fully air-conditioned rooms will lift up your spirit especially when you have been under the Abuja scotching sun (sun that can toast a slice of bread).


Located in a very peaceful, calm and reserved area in Wuye district of Abuja, this is a spa that makes you feel at home. The smile and fragrance that welcomes you in would make you feel relaxed. The calmness and beauty can make you forget your sorrows and realize life can be just beautiful. Their facilities are up to date and their massaging rooms are spacious and comfortable. They have high standard equipment and the products they use are of good quality. They also have well trained therapist and staff who are well trained and knowledgeable. Their waiting room is also very comfortable. They will keep you entertained while you take a cup of tea or coffee or whatever it is that you prefer.


Topaz Topaz Topaz!!! Talk about welcoming, you are talking about Topaz House of Beauty. Located in Garki, they have a way of pampering you that you would not want to leave. The vibe I got from this spa was a very positive one, I do not know if it can be linked to their longevity in the business or they just happen to be naturally happy people. But then, you can’t properly take the stress off another when you have worries yourself. They are so into what they do, it gives them joy. “Wouldn’t you rather ‘Spa’ with them?” (hehehe…). They make sure you are taken care of in the properly. Their facilities are of a high standard and you would actually be getting more for less, as they have a wide range of services to accommodate your budget. The atmosphere at Topaz House of Beauty is nerve calming, while the Spa room, as well as its environs are very Clean. They also go out of their way to educate you on things you need to know and do to live better and take care of yourself.


Located at Apo District, I promise you, when you leave this spa, you leave refreshed and smelling so good. You can’t be bored here. There is always something to keep you occupied. TV, magazines and you can actually go on a sightseeing of their products (and maybe buy some of their beautiful products). The spa uses first rate products only. Their customer service can be rated high and their therapists are well-trained. There’s just no reason not to love Jushuman.


Located at Utako, Cleopatra is an amazing spa with great people. Very polite and welcoming. Their customer service is overwhelming. Their facilities and equipment are of a high standard combined with well trained and highly skilled therapists. The spa is comfortable and efficient. At Cleopatra, you can bet they will give you value for your money. You know you are getting the service you deserve for the amount you paid.

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