Once again, these multiple memberships are going to kick each other out.
David Baron

You know you are right. It is a dance we are figuring out as we go. How to balance paying membership across multiple different publications all speaking to roughly the same audience. I think the point is building around community, right? Joining where you most feel at home. For some that means The Writing Cooperative. For some that means The Creative Cafe. For some that means any number of other incredible publications pushing boundaries for the current state of online media.

The intent for The Creative Cafe membership though is for those that aren’t committed to other memberships. Nothing at The Creative Cafe is going behind a paywall and the reader experience won’t change for those that do not become paying members. Paying membership primarily revolves around the benefit of early and priority access to features that all subscribers to the publication will have access to later on. The gap between those that pay for membership and those that don’t is pretty slim at our publication. The main differentiator is members at The Cafe are those that want to contribute monetarily to a new way of publishing and creating collaboratively but haven’t found a place to do that yet.

Again, this is all being worked out as we go. Who knows what it will look like a year from now?

The important thing is that I appreciate your contribution to The Creative Cafe, David. Not being a paying member doesn’t change that one bit.

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